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QUESTION: Hello Ardiano,

Read about your expertise so approaching you for advice. I am offered job/visa for Bucharest,but salary is not very good (RON 120k).

1. So I would like to know prospects of finding other job after sometime.
2. Also want to know prospect of moving to other countries within eurozone for finding job and whats the requirement of visa say for poland, sweden etc.
3. Also how is prospects for Indian educated MBA (HR) graduate (my wife) to find job in Bucharest.

Kindly provide your expert advice.


ANSWER: Dear Mr. Pradeep,

here you are my answers:

1. If you have a good curriculum vitae I guess it would be a good chance to find another work in Romania but at the salary levels of this country.
2. You cannot move to other countries if your wise is not a Schengen ones. A simple work visa for Romania is not a door for other european countries so you will be obliged to get a work visa for the other EU country where you want to work
3. About chances to find work for your wife with her MBA education it depends just about her work curriculum and a good research of work that you can do in web sites like these:  -  -

Kind Regards and good luck !


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for your answers appreciate your time, I have few other other questions,

1. on the cost of living, What are other mandatory contribution. Can we withdraw the pension (an other contribution) once we leave company or the country.
2. What is the duration of visa granted, is there a lock on serving current company?
3 About public schools, is it possible to have non-Romanian kids study in those schools given my kid (years old) don't know Romanian.
4. My wife will also will be coming (don't know her visa though) to Bucharest so will she be eligible for working from first day. How about low pay job are they easy to get?
5. Can you suggest any accommodation near Dimitrie Pompei Street, is it near schools?



here you are my answers:

it will not be possible to withdraw the pension once you will leave the company or the country ( for questions in this area I suggest you to contact a good economical consultant in Bucharest )
About the visa duration here you are the right web site:
About your wife, if she will have a work visa she can work otherwise it will be impossible. It depends about her work, salaries generally are low in Romania, not on the same level like in occidental european countries.
Let me know about cost of living .. what do you mean exactly ?

Kind Regards

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