QUESTION: Hey I am wanting to move there by next summer.  I need all info possible!  I enjoy that you have a site like this.  I could even cook at your pizzeria... :).  Thank You in advance, Jodi

ANSWER: Hello Jodi,

what kind of info do you need ? If you want to open some business in Romania you should take contact with an accounter or a lawer in order to have your own society. He will tell the right steps you should move in the romanian burocracy.

Regards and good luck


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QUESTION: Is there a place I can get an information packet sent to me here in the United States? ....for example:  money differences, dollar to dollar, how much things cost, temperatures, and mainly just basic information on living in a new atmosphere...  visas...passports....all of that kind of stuff.  I know nothing about living/traveling overseas.

Dear Mr.Jodi,

you can get many informations from internet like weather

for Bucharest

General informations

If you have other questions just contact me again

Kind Regards

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