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Hi Adriano,

First, I really appreciate your taking the time for a site like this. I want to ask my Romanian girlfriend to marry me in Romanian (and ask her parents' blessing). By piecing together various things found on this site and elsewhere on the internet, I've come up with the following phrases: "Maine, as vrea sa ii cer mana fiicei dumneavoastra. Pentru a respecta traditia as dori in primul rand sa am binecuvantarea dumneavoastra" and "vrei sa te casatoresti cu mine?" Just for pronunciation's sake (since I really want to get these right!), which of those words have accents on the letters? I can pronounce Romanian reasonably when I have those :)

Also, she is from Maramures- I already have a ring, but are there any traditional things to do for marriage proposal there, or certain flowers/trinkets I could include with the proposal? Thank you so much in advance, for your help! And wish me luck in a few days!


Dear George,

MaIne, as vrea sa ii cer mAna fiicei dumneavoAstra. Pentru a respectA traditiA as dori in primul rand sa am binecuvantArea dumneavoAstra" and "vrei sa te casatorEsti cu mine?"

here you are with big letters how to pronounce the words

I suggest you to bring a big bouquet of chrysanthemums

If you have other questions just write me again

Good luck !

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