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what is the name of this movie?
I do not know the names of any of the actors, characters or in what year or country the movie was made in. All I know is that it is a lifetime movie and this is how it goes:

A 17 year old girl and her mother moves into a new town. They have a strained relationship because the daughter is very rebellious. She soon develops a relationship with an older guy (late 20s or early 30s I think). She tells him she is 18 and he believes. She keeps the relationship secret from her mother and doesn't tell her where she goes and when she's get back.

She tells her boyfriend her real age and he's freaked but then tells her his secret, which is that he has been in jail for the past few years because he was involved in a bank robbery. ...

That's all I remember.


Sorry I am not familiar with this movie. I did not have any luck finding it.

Lifteime has a listing of their movies at -

You could try asking Nell Minnow she knows more than I do.

Best wishes!


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