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BanjoPicker wrote at 2010-07-27 01:23:12
Actually, Linda R. did record "Someday Soon". Back in the 60's I had it on some obscure LA AM radio station promo album. Have never seen it/found it since. I know it exists - I listened to a thousand times back then on record player - Boy, those were good days.

KoalaBear wrote at 2012-07-21 12:37:28
SOMEDAY SOON is the correct title & Suzy Boguss did it originally but I love Linda's version - it's what they play at the California Rodeo between events.

Skip wrote at 2013-08-25 00:06:39
I also remember Linda doing this song in the 60's and it was not because I was confused as I was very much aware of the Judy Collins original.

Kryston wrote at 2016-04-24 03:05:44
I thought Linda Ronstadt also did Someday Soon also.  I know Judy Collins did it.

Ronstadt, Linda

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