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Larry G. wrote at 2013-01-07 09:32:42
I was a roofing/siding/remodeling contractor in two States for 30 years in Oregon, and 2 years in Washington State. I retired in 2000. What you speak of was called "TARpaper", until the 70's. Then it was refered to as "tar-paper" for 15 to 55 lb tar-filled roll roofing "felt" underlayment. Old rags were ground up and used as a filler when factories made it. The same was was done for "3-tab, "no tab", interlocking shingles, and single-tab shingles, until the invention of fiberglass was used as a filler for them. Some people mistakenly called 90 lb mineral-sufaced cap sheet roll roofing "tarpaper", but it was not tar paper, it was originally designed as a top and last roll for the very tops of airplane hangers, hence "cap sheet". Farmers eventualy used the heavy 90 lb mineral surfaced roll roofing right out of the roll, as is with no tar sealant. But eventually less tar was used as a base and replaced with ground fiberglass fiber filler, so the product lasted only half as long. It was not always reliable enough to stop water from seeping through it when saturated after heavy rains. I hope this helps..


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