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Roofing/Got Celotex shingles installed after Celotex went bancrupt


Hello! I bought a house in 2003 that got a new roof in 2001. According to the contract the roofing company (a local company that still exists) used "Celetex 25 yr shingles" (I guess they meant Celotex). Now I would need some shingles for minor repairs but cannot find them.

If I understand the information I found about Celotex on the internet correctly they declared bankruptcy long before 2001 (when my house got a new roof). Does that mean that the roofing company used old stock shingles that allegedly have a 25 years warranty that in truth have no warranty because Celotex does not exist anymore? If this is true, would this have been ok? To me it appears at least questionable because it was sold with a warranty that does not exist.

Thanks for your answer.

Yes, the contractor used shingles that had no possibility of a warranty. Did he know it or did he just buy shingles not knowing that the manufacturer no longer existed? If he knew it then he should have mentioned that to you and should have bought the shingles less and passed that savings onto you although he'd have an obligation to see if you except those terms.

If he didn't know it then should he have known it? Is it his obligation to know his industry? If a painter goes into a store and buys paint to paint your house would the painter know the background of the manufacturer of the paint. Although, there are not that many manufactures of shingles and most roofers would know the scuttlebutt on the street about things like this.

I'll bet the roofer got the shingles cheap knowing that the shingles had less value knowing there was no manufacturer behind them.

Was the roofer a real roofer that would know the industry or just a handyman that took on a roof and went out and bought some shingles? But the roofer is still responsible since you trusted him. You did not make a deal with Celotex. You made a deal with the roofer and that roofer bought bad shingles. Whether he knew it or not still leaves him responsible. He could have bought any shingle but he decided to buy that one.

The degree of responsibility depends on what he knew and that will be hard to prove. For instance, if you kill someone should you go to jail? Not necessarily so. If it was purely an accident society does nothing to you. If it was an accident waiting to happen then you'll get probation or a small jail time. If you did it on purpose but it was during an argument then you get more jail time. If you planned it then we execute you. What was in the mind of the offender is very important.



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