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Roofing/weather temp for installing shingles


It will be 60-62 degrees here in Indiana until Monday, when it is supposed to rain.  Will our contractor be able to install, after taking off 3 layers of shingles without the project being messed up? The shingles are the 3 tab with asphalt.  I am getting mixed answers from stores and other contractors. Thanks, Linda  11-8-2012

Are you referring to time or temperature? You mention both. You can certainly do shingles in 60 degrees but they probably won't seal until the spring. They need a higher temperature than that. So you run the risk of them blowing off in the winter if you get high winds. The best time to do shingles is in the spring or early fall. Summer is too hot to do them. But if a company bases their business on shingle work they want to try to work all year but that can be risky.



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