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Hello Jerry,
I had an aluminum patio cover installed a few years ago and the sealer that was used around the screws and along the joints on top of the cover (Vulkem 116 I think but not certain) is beginning to deteriorate from the constant sun (I'm in southern CA).  I'd like your recommendation on the best product to use to reseal the joints between the panels.
Thank you!

Hello Baron,

I am not directly involved in the aluminum patio cover business but I will provide a couple of suggestions that may be helpful.   Most exposed sealants do not perform well with exposure like you have in California.  There are peal and stick type products that may serve you well.  They have a vinyl or foil on one side and a sticky butyl type material that will bond to the surface.   They come in rolls in various widths. making sure the surface is absolutely clean will have the most effect on performance.

The other alternative might be a "paint on" type sealant that you would flow over the seams and fasteners to provide the seal.   Specific product names are often regional but if you talk to your local hardware store professional, I am sure they can guide you in the right direction.

Good luck!



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