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Roofing/Coatings for hot-tar (low-slope) roofs


Hi, Jesse,

I am a relatively new, non-handy homeowner with an originally modified low-slope roof, on which there has been a hot-tar application (or so I've been told).  It has been springing leaks here and there ever since I moved in three years ago, so I hired a roofer, who did a coating of aluminum fiber...which really hasn't seemed to make much of a difference.

I'm currently shopping for new roofers, who each tell me about different coatings they would use, and I have no idea how to decide.  I'm hoping to get/find some sort of definitive comparison of the available coatings in a language I can understand that tells me the advantages and disadvantages of each.  Can you help?

Many thanks,

Hi Kay,

Unfortunately, I'm not very familiar with roof coatings.  There are so many out there it can be extremely confusing.  
We have used coatings on flat roofs to extend the life of the roof, but haven't had much luck with them stopping leaks.  
I would suggest having the leaks repaired and then coat over the entire surface of the flat roof.

Sorry I couldn't be more help.

Best of Luck,
Jesse Curry
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