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Roofing/Organic roof repair or replacement?



I have hail damage to a organic roof located in Oklahoma.  Insurance carrier documented up to a 27 tile replacement  on front slope, due to hail strike requiring 16 tile replacement.  2 turbines, 2 furnace vents, exterior wood & siding, gutter and screens as storm damaged by hail and wind.  Vents and turbines will also require small tile change per roofing company.

Question?  Am I in titled to a full roof replacement, because the roof can not be restored, due to the organic tiles no longer being made ?  And if so, What documents can I present to my insurance carrier to convince them that I need full replacement of roof?  I have a replacement insurance policy.  Thank you in advance for your answer.

Since the tiles are no longer made then you have an old roof. Question is, should you be able to walk away with a nice new 25 year roof because your old roof of 24 years didn't make it the last year due to hail damage. In other words, wouldn't you have a tremendous financial advantage if you were able to pull that off. What if the next roof had hail damage again at 24 years and again you pulled off a new roof. Theoretically you could get hundreds of years of new roofs for free.

Insurance is to get you back to where you were before the storm. So, if you had a 24 year roof before, they should get you back there. If they replace 27 tiles then the 27 tiles will be better than what they were before and the rest of the roof would still be at 24 years. So, in essence, you have your 24 year roof back on MOST tiles with some being better than they were before.

Where some people get their full roof replaced is that you can't match the color. The steeper the angle of the roof the more visible the color and the more off-color tiles will stick out. In this case "getting you back to where you were before" means replacing everything so that you can have a uniform color as you did before.

"Replacement policy" doesn't mean they just replace everything if it can be fixed. It means that if it can't be fixed they need to give you the value to replace and not just the value left in the roof. For example, You buy a TV for $1,000. Your house burns 3 years later. The insurance company would say that the TV was a 3 year old TV so it was only worth $500 now and that is how much your loss is because theoretically you could go on eBay and buy that used TV for $500. But with replacement policy they will give you enough money to just go out and buy it new and give you $1,000 (or whatever it cost to get a new TV instead of a used TV). So Replacement value only comes into play when they actually decide to replace something. They then decide what that replacement will cost.



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