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Is it necessary for a roof to have a ridge vent when there isn't even an attic? Why or why not?
The second floor of this home (built in 1920) has two small beds and a bath. Each bedroom has a crawl space for storage and is accessed with a door in each bedroom. There is no attic above the second floor. I've enclosed an image.
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I did not receive the image, but based upon your description I am envisioning a pitched ceiling that has been attached to the underside of the roof rafters.  Insulation blankets most likely exist between the rafters on top of the ceiling and under the roof sheathing immediately above.

The point of the ridge venting is to provide passive ventilation from the soffit to the ridge to remove moisture leaving the interior of the residence preventing condensation and deterioration.  With this type of configuration (assumed)a continuous ridge vent would be required as each rafter bay is individualized and enclosed on the top by roof sheathing and on the bottom by the ceiling. The ridge vent will only work properly if there is an air space between the bottom of the roof sheathing and the top of the insulating blankets within the rafter bay.  So some investigation may be warranted to verify this.

If there is no insulation and the performance and the interior environment is satisfactory and there appears to be no structural problems related to condensation, or no changes are being made to the ceiling/roof assembly, I would refrain from making alterations for the sake of it; preventing the occurrence of unintended consequences.  If you have a good reason for changing the current roof/ceiling assembly, a thorough understanding of what you have is important to knowing that your efforts will result in effective and positive changes.

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