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Hi Todd,

I am having my red tile roof replaced..I'm looking at the Gerard & Decra..I know they are pretty much the same..But should I have them do the batten or non-batten.. What is the difference..Will I regret having metal intalled instead of replacing with the tile..which is more energy efficient metal or tile..Thanks, for your response..

Good questions. As far as energy efficiency, the stone coated products and tile products have some colors that meet Energy Star standards. Additionally if you install any roof which has an airgap between the metal and the roof deck, you achieve some energy benefits.

Batten mounted products give you an option actually of cross battening -- vertical battens followed by horizontal which create a good airspace that can be actively vented for extra energy efficiency.

One drawback to the stone coated products compared to painted metal shingles is that the panels just overlap rather than interlock on the sides. Particularly with uneven stone coatings, these overlaps can collect debris and eventually allow water through.

If you look at any Kynar-coated metal roofs, you will find a wider variety of Energy Star rated products.

How long has your tile roof lasted? Generally, I'd expect metal to last longer and require less maintenance.


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