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hi..need to ask about a new roof.  i have read that a metal roof will help keep the house warm winter and cool in summer, reducing the bills for the central air. then i was told no, a metal roof will not do that; check the insulation instead. the garage is attached to the house. not much insulation up there; the cold comes through the attic, into the garage, which of course goes right into the house. so, would it be a good idea to insulate the entire attic up there? second, is what i was told about a metal roof correct?  thank you!!

If metal stopped heat loss wouldn't we just stop selling insulation and just cover the outside of our houses with metal sheets. All material stops heat loss to some extent. If you leave your window open you'll freeze int he winter. Just putting a piece of gall in the way helps but a solid wall with insulation in it will do a lot more. Your metal roof will do nothing more than any other roof will do and that is little to stop heat loss. Insulation is what we use in house to stop heat loss and the more insulation the better. Some people insulate so good that they wind up with stagnant air int he house because no fresh air is getting in. Let me guess, the guy telling you that a metal roof will stop heat loss is trying to sell you a metal roof.



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