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My home was built in 1984. I want to put on new architectural shingles to get the 130 mph protection, but I am concerned about the increased weight.  Currently I have 3 tab shingles and the plywood under-sheeting is 1/2 inch.  How can I make the determination that the roof will support the weight.  I am the center unit of a 3 unit town home.  Cinder block fire walls separate the units.

No one builds a building where you're at the weight limits and if you add a few pounds it will collapse. Shingles weigh about 2-3 lbs/sq-ft. A person standing on the roof in one spot is 200 lbs and if a worker comes over to talk to me we're at 400 one small area. If your house was made out of toothpicks then you have to worry.



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