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Andrew wrote at 2013-08-12 02:48:36
Being in California and having dealt with the old Dura Loc tiles and its coating issue, i will add my 2 cents. (We installed close to 500+ Dura Loc roofs until the coating issues and lack of there warranty coverage had us stop)  

The main question i get is can it be recoated.  The answer not as simple as yes or no.  Due to the profile of the Dura Loc Continental tiles, walking on it is difficult, even for those of us who installed it.  This means a painter applying the coating will not be able to walk on it without damaging / denting it.  Given the painter will have to walk on every row, once to power wash and then at least once to prime and lastly to paint. The amount of damage could be substantial but there will be damage.  Too many times i hear the HO saying "but they said they could walk on it" only to find smashed tiles all over the roof. The painter, termite contractor, Sat dish installer, chimney sweep, Window installer ect 95% of the time dont have a clue as to how to walk on stone coated metal roofing. The dented tiles can cause leaks if the dent is at the side lap of two adjoining roof tiles. Another issues will be roof pitch. Due the coating issue, """"Any Dura Loc roof profile"""" installed on 6/12 or greater pitch will be dangerous to even walk on.  Its like walking on steep concrete covered in loose sand.  The profiles other than Continental and with roof slopes under 6/12 could be power washed and painted.  These other profiles, while far more walkable than the continental profile still require you to walk on it correctly... it is walkable for those who install it, not so easy for the none roofer type.  Now the question is do you want a painter on the roof who probably doesn't know how to walk on it.

A boom could be used to keep the painter off the roof, but your looking at serious $$$ to get it done properly and with the right paint ect.  Far too much to invest imo, tear off that garbage and install a new roof of whatever you feel like.  If you insist on recoating the roof, make sure a qualified METAL roofer reseals all penetrations prior to the painter coming in.  

I have had Decra shake painted from Onxy Blue to black as the HO wanted to change colors. The Decra Shake is a completely different animal, you can play basketball on it and not damage it...the Dura Loc is not even close the same walkability.I have not even tried to recoat a Dura Loc because of the issues listed above.

I looked at Two Dura Loc continental roofs in the last week, one has 90% chip loss the other 15%.  


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