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I have to replace a shingles roof plus part of the rood is flat,  here in Northern  AZ. where it is hot in summer and very cold in winter.  I got some quotes, some have more details than others..
What kind of vents should I insist upon?  Currently not much as it is an old house...  
Any other must requirement I should ask for?  For me it is much money to invest...

Thank you very much.  Gabe

Hi rafters

The first thing is do you have eve vents, These are located at the
bottom of the roof between the rafters at over hang. then do you have
gable vents these are located on the side of the roof on the gables ends.

The roof vents That I prefer are Ohagin Vents or Eyebrow vents. vers ridge vents,
Ridge vent is at the top of ridge area, total length of the ridge, and has a
one to two inch cut through the sheathing, I myself don't prefer this if it
should snow when it melts could run back into that gap.  The best way too find
out is check with you city building dept. and they will help with how much
venting you may need. Rule is 1 1/2 sq foot per every 100 sq ft of living
space but you need to know how much you have now. Go from there.

Good luck
Tom Souza  


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