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The roof had to be replaced, and the person who came to the house to give an estimate placed 3 box vents on the back side of the house.  He explained that we have a hip style roof and box vents were better suited to this kind of roof and it was less work.  We have soffitt vents all the way around, and the company that installed them recommended a ridge vent.  Did we get ripped off by getting the box vents put on the roof instead of the ridge vent?



Ventilation is very important for your roofing system to function properly. It also weighs heavy in ensuring your roofs full warranty is in place from the manufacturer.In your situation I am learning you had ridge vent to begin with and now have can vents is this correct? I am thinking if this was the case the contractor made the right call if you had a narrow ridge vent in the beginning.Some hip style home have a very small ridge at the top sometimes as small as 12' across the top of the home. If this is the case adding the 3 can type vents was probably for the best. Although depending on the size of your home you may need more than three.

The link at the top has great information on venting. A typical can vent can handle 300 sf of attic space per vent. If you attic is over 900 sf of space you may be slightly under vented. Typically on all homes that ARAC Alliance Restoration and Consulting roofs one of the main things we do consider is upgrading to the proper ventilation to ensure a proper working roof system and that are clients get full use of the manufactures warranty.

I hope this helps you out let me know. And thanks for asking

Craig Stevens
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