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Roofing/Insurance Covered Wind Damage?


Good Morning Tom,

Thanks so much for your help.  We have a 17 yr old asphalt shingle roof that has been through several strong wind storms and recently developed a small leak.  The roofer (From Angies list) that came out found a couple of nails that had popped up and appeared to be the source of the leak.  However, he also took a video of many shingles where the seal to the shingle below had failed, allowing him to lift the edge of the shingles quite high.
He says this is the first step before the shingles will eventually come off in future storms, although that could be years from now.

Question:  Is it likely that such loose shingles will be covered by home insurance, or is it too minor?  Would a claim likely result in higher rates later?  Will a claim cause another future insurer to start at a higher rate?

Really apreciate your input.  This is not something your average homeowner does very often! Thanks again.

I'm not a lawyer or insurance professional but I'll relay what I've seen before:

Let's say you call your insurer (X) and they send an adjuster out to your house to examine your claim of loose shingles.
Two things can happen:

X can say you have loose shingles and thats what happens when roofs like yours get older and although troublesome to you they will not be paying for any loss because you are mistaking insurance for a warranty. In the case of most claims not related to a specific weather event X will pay for effect but not cause- they will give you money to replace wet drywall and paint (effect) but the old roof that failed (cause) is your problem.

Or X can say; from this moment forward we're not going to pay for any claims related to water; we'll also be dropping your coverage in 30 calendar days unless you show us proof that you've replaced the roof in it's entirety. I've seen people be compelled to replace their roofs many many times by their X.

X is in the business of reducing risk- your old roof is a potential liability for them and in most states X's are perfectly within their rights to demand that you maintain the property which they have fiduciary interest in.

You want your X to be there for you when a tree branch pops a hole in the roof or when the neighbors kid drives through your fence- filing claims for a 17 year old roof that will only last 18 years is asking for trouble.

This link will take you to an FAQ about replacing your roof:


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