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We have a roof approximately  24x50 , low pitch. covered with 18 foot lengths. a  leak developed at the low end about 7 feet up and in the center. what could have failed other then  the fasteners?

Yes, I would agree the fasteners are the natural assumption.  Some other things to consider are to check for any damage nearby from some falling object ( branch, rock, wind blown debris ).  Another area to check is the ridge cap or any other flashing or penetration directly above the leak.  It doesn't matter if the leak is much lower, sometimes the water travels quite a way before it finds an entry area.    Look very carefully at the ridge and see if the ridge cap is securely fastened and the closure material between the ridge cap and roof panel is in place and not damaged or compromised by birds or other pests.  Also, I have witnessed water traveling horizontally due to something under the roof panel surface so look to each side as well.

Usually loose fasteners don't cause a very large leak unless many of them have failed at the same time.   If you have a sudden large leak it is usually due to damage or a failed flashing or penetration seal.

If you see something suspect, run water in the area to see if you can replicate the leak.  Always do this before attempting the repair because you want to make sure you have found the problem.

If none of these areas are the culprit, make sure the problem is not condensation caused from something new added to the home or roof area.  if the leak occurs during a rain period, that would eliminate the condensation possibility but if the leak is present without rain, the problem is most likely condensation.

I hope that is helpful.  I would be interested in hearing back from you what you found.  Good luck!



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