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QUESTION: I am putting an offer on a house that needs a new roof. I live in Sacramento, CA and the existing shake roof is spent. I will most likely use basic or architectural asphalt shingles as it's the standard roofing material for the neighborhood. There are two elevations of this particular roof. I am sticking with existing elevations b/c I know it can be done and there are plenty of examples for the roofer. My question is, generally speaking, how difficult/expensive would it be to go from the ranch style roof to the pyramidal design? I figure since you are subtracting existing material it should be easier than trying to add. Measure twice cut once? Thank you in advance for your advice.

ANSWER: Kollen,

What you are looking to do here is much harder than it would seem,and much more expensive.When changing from a gable to a hip roof first of all you have to remove around 20% of the roof trusses from each end of the house. The first truss that remains has to be able to support the new trusses as they will bear the load of the trusses that will now rest on the end walls of your home.You are talking about loosing the ceilings in all these areas not to mention any electrical wires or plumbing that run on top of the trusses to be removed as well. You may also have to redirect and heating or cooling lines running through the trusses to be removed. Siding and overhang materials also have to be removed.

I hope this helps

Craig Stevens
ARAC Alliance Restoration And Consulting

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QUESTION: That makes perfect sense. Thanks! I am thinking extending the roof to get rid of that little skirt and doing something more craftsman with brackets would be impossibly expensive as well. Any options other than get a second job? ;-) As always, thanks for your expertise!

Kollen ,

After looking at your picture it would not be very hard to hip roof the little front roof that is above the bay window area you have. The rafters would still rest on the wall correctly. You may frame that area back to the main roof and loose the gable roof in the front you currently have. I hope this helps.

Thanks for asking

Craig Stevens
Alliance Restoration And Consulting  


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