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My house is built in 1977 situated in North Vancouver, B.C. and has quite a flat roof .   The existing roof is a tar & gravel material and is in the 14th year since last replaced.   

As tar & gravel is not readily available in British Columbia (in Alberta).    To avoid transportation of the material from another province, the contractor has suggested a torch-on roof.   In addition, not many contractors do tar and gravel roof nowadays.  

Will there be any need to convert the roof if torch on is to be used.    Any things need to be done prior to the new material being put on?    Will there be any danger to the roof as I understand some welding is required.

Appreciate any advice you could offer.

Many thanks & regards,
Marie Leong

Hi Marie

I am so sorry for the delay. I was out of town

If you will be choosing the torch-on I would get a two ply system.
This includes 1-layer of Fiberglass Base sheet 1-layer of smooth torch-on
and 1-layer of granulated torch-on. This will last longer.
you have a lot of expansion contraction in that area with the weather.
The best way to choose the contractor is to contact a roofing supplier
and inquire or your city building department.

Good luck
Tom Souza  


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