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We have steel roofing over a covered porch.  We need to vent this roof with static vents about 3' from the ridge.  The max width of the vent can only be 7" since the flat part of the metal roof design allows for a watertight install.  Is there an available slant back vent in the dimension I need or will I have to custom make these?

One of the real benefits of metal roofing is the ease of using continuous ridge venting allowing the elimination of other penetrating vents.   if it is possible to use ridge venting pursue that option.  You will find it easier, less expensive, better performing and much more water tight.  Consult with the provider of the metal roofing for the proper ridge cap, screening material and formed closures.  

In the unlikely event you can't use ridge venting, we have always custom made vents to match the roof.  Most available stock vents are made with marginal metal quality and won't perform as well as the roof and don't look very good.  The vent size is another issue you must address.  If you are committed to static box style vents and don't want to have custom ones made, you can make any size work with some creativity and extra flat metal pieces to "shingle" in the pieces to ensure proper water flow over the vent flange.

Not seeing your specific application I may not have fully understood your request but I hope this is helpful.



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