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I replaced my roof in 1989 installing Presidential Shingles.  The contract gives a 35-year manufacturer warranty (tho the shingles themselves said only 30 years).  I was recently told that the roof is seriously deteriorated and has many, many 'bald' spots.  The guy suggested that there is likely only one more season left on this roof before trouble starts.  In trying to contact Celotex about the warranty, I can't find them.  Do they still exist?  Will they stand behind the warranty?  Do I have any options other than paying for another roof?  I also see these shingles have the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval -- does it make sense to work with them?  Suggestions on next steps would be greatly appreciated as I am in a bind for replacing the roof again so soon.  Thanks.

Celotex had some financial problems and some bankruptcies. I don't think they exist anymore. Good Housekeeping just gave an opinion that they liked them. You can't lay any blame on them.

Shingle warranties are not that valuable. Most only pay for the shingles and not the labor and since labor is the biggest part of the job the shingles are not worth that much. On top of that they pro-rate the shingles. So you're 24 years into a 30 year shingles which means they'll give you back 20% the cost of the shingles. So they might give you a few dollars but nothing to chase after. If you had a $ 5,000 job and the shingles cost $1,000 and you get back 20% of the $1,000 then they'll give you $200 towards your $5,000.

On the other hand, you said it has bald spots. Some manufactures don't guarantee that the granules won't come off. That's a cosmetic issue. They guarantee that the shingles can still protect the house from water.



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