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Roofing/Free Draining Downspout But Standing Water In Gutter


Dear Mr Aaron Nelson for AllExperts:

Two or three days after rainfall, we still find standing water in clean new gutters, about inch deep, while downspouts are free draining.  Is it normal for water to remain and why?  The builder claimed that the gutters are pitched within specs.


You indicated "The builder claimed that the gutters are pitched within specs." I would encourage you to inquire to the builder what specs he is referring to, and see if you can get a copy of them so that you can verify that they truly are within specifications.
I've been looking through the building code and I don't find any reference to the slope of gutters, and what that should be. I would assume that provided that there is some slope to the downspouts it would be preferred, however there is a balance between slope and exposure of having the gutter too low on the fascia. I always recommend that there is slope, however sometime that slope is not as aggressive as one would hope. Oftentimes there is good slope, however it looks poor on the residence.
At the downspouts, drops are inserted in the gutter, and generally sealed around with sealant. This creates a raised area, just at the point where water should flow easily. This will cause some amount of ponding around the downspout area. This is not fantastic, however the alternative would be to install the drop on the underside of the gutter, which would not look pleasing.
The long and short of it all is that a small amount of standing water is fairly common. I would not be overly concerned provided that there is a small amount of slope to the downspouts.
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