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Roofing/Free Draining Downspout But Standing Water In Gutter


Dear Mr Brad Zacharia for AllExperts:

Two or three days after rainfall, we still find standing water in clean new gutters, about inch deep, while downspouts are free draining.  Is it normal for water to remain and why?  The builder claimed that the gutters are pitched within specs.


There's no such thing as "specs". If you slope an object water will flow. If water sits there then they didn't slope the gutter. Sloppy job and they need to fix it. Some roofers don't use a level and try to eye it up on the house but if the house is not straight then your calculations on the gutter slope are off. Some roofers think if it is sloped it will look crooked so they install it level. But it's supposed to looked sloped because we know that it needs to drain water. Everything in the world that carries water needs to be sloped - streets are sloped to the side and then down to the sewer, window sills are sloped outward, door thresholds, drain pipes in you house slope downhill, rivers slope to the ocean, roofs and, oh yes, gutters should slope to the downspout. The only thing you want to actually hold water is a swimming pool



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