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Our single story house just got a new roof - Certainteed shingles part of the house -  and IB roofing system  (garage and kitchen).  Throughout the process there has been a heavy glue smell in the house.  Is it normal?  We aired it out, thought it was gone, turned on our central air system and the glue smell is back REALLY STRONG. What happened?  What do we do?  Is it toxic?  

Also, IB system on flat roof (looks like PVC) has some bubbles.  Can this affect the longevity of this roof system?   

Thanks,  Gabriel


The smell will dissipate over time.  If the PVC roof membrane was adhered with glue, it could either be solvent based or water based.  They both smell bad I suppose however the solvent based glue is going to have worse effects due to exposure.  You should not be exposed to enough of the solvents to have issues with long term exposure, so any ill effects will be temporary.  As you are doing, keep airing the house out for the next day or two. The glue smell is expected and is sometimes better or worse depending on the construction of the building.  Often times the PVC membrane itself can exude quite an odor when it is new, this will also dissipate over time but I would expect that to last a week or two tops.

A for the bubbles, this happens from time to time where the sheet was not laid into the glue uniformly and wrinkled a bit.  If the wrinkles (bubbles?) are small and in isolated areas then they can be left, if they are large then they should be sliced, adhered, and patched.  If the wrinkles are extensive then you may have an installation problem which could result in some type of premature failure.


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