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Our single story house just got a new roof - Certainteed shingles part of the house -  and IB roofing system  (garage and kitchen).  Throughout the process there has been a heavy glue smell in the house.  Is it normal?  We aired it out, thought it was gone, turned on our central air system and the glue smell is back REALLY STRONG. What happened?  What do we do?  Is it toxic?  

Also, IB system on flat roof (looks like PVC) has some bubbles.  Can this affect the longevity of this roof system?   

Thanks,  Gabriel

Hi Gabe

So sorry it took so long for me to get back to you I was out of town.

The smell sounds like like it came from the IB roofing, The best way to find
out is call the contractor about it.

Ask him for the MSDS This is ( Material Safety data sheet ). You also might want
to ask for the installation sheet. To give you why the smell is so strong unknown to me with
out knowing how it was installed.
The bubbles again unknown with out being able to view the roof. give the roofer
My Suggestion

Call the roofer who installed it back.

I hope this helps
Tom Souza


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