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Mr. Stevens,

First of all, thank you very much for volunteering on this site!
I have Spanish tiles for roof in my house of 10 years.    (We just recently bought the house).     During the last downpour this PM we had a leak over our garage area, where it is difficult to visualize the roof.   
    O   What are the most common reasons for this type of roofs to leak?!    
  Are there any tricks to walking on these tiles?  
  Any rules of thumb in ref to weight, etc?
  How often should I hire someone to inspect the roof?
  Any general advice you could give me?   

Thank you very much!       

Pablo Durissimo


There are a few general areas where a tile roof leaks. Typically it is in the areas around valleys and vents.The overall process of a tile roof does not allow for to many leaks in the field (tile in the middle of the roof). This would be a good starting point.

As far a walking on the tiles.The clay tiles can get pretty brittle especially when they age a little. The concrete types of tiles are safe to walk on most of the time. I would have the roof inspected every two years as a general rule.

If you do have brittle tiles i would recommend you get a contractor out there who knows how to walk on and inspect without doing damage. Sometimes this can almost be impossible to do.

I sure hope this information is helpful.

Thanks for asking

Craig Stevens
ARAC Alliance Restoration and Consulting  


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