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I'm building a new house.  We are going to have a metal (standing rib) roof with a 4:12 pitch.  Our General Contractor got a roofer to 'dry-in' the roof.  He used a polypropylene woven material (from TriBuilt). He used staples to attach it to the roof.  Due to not being licensed/bonded, he will not be doing the rest of the roofing.  Yesterday with a light rain, water came in all over the house (somewhat restricted, but in spots throughout the house).  Is this acceptable?  Does this mean that the new roofer will have to re-do the dry-in?  Our General Contractor says that a 'dry-in' doesn't mean it will be 100% dry, but that doesn't sound right.  Thanks.   Mary

Thanks Mary.  There is an issue with synthetic underlayments and staples. As the underlayment shrinks a little bit, or as folks walk on it and pull it against the staples, the staples act as little "knives," slicing their way through it.

I suspect this is what the leaks are from.

I would suggest another layer of synthetic underlayment, fastened with plastic cap nails per manufacturer instructions this time.

Sorry about this.


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