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I am building a 40x40 barn style cabin with vaulted ceilings that is heated and cooled. I am planning on using galvalume roofing and would like to know the details of the proper roof installation procedure to minimize condensation issues. It will be built in central Mississippi very hot and humid--very few cold days.

The short answer is that it all depends. If you are installing all of the insulation above the substrate, then you should not have an issue with condensation. If the insulation is below the substrate, then you should leave a 1" airspace between the substrate and the top of the insulation. Each enclosed attic space must have 1:150 venting - 1square foot for each 150 square foot of attic space - this may be the space between the rafters/substrate/drywall - any closed space. Make sure that you don't have any "dead air spaces" where ventilation is not provided. Use a 50/50 ratio of intake and exhaust (eave and ridge). I am a proponent of continuous eave and ridge vents. You should verify the correct amount of insulation based on the local codes, and verify that the dew point in winter and summer conditions all fall within the insulation and you should be fine.
The rule of thumb - insulate above the substrate, if below the substrate, insure proper ventilation and your condensation issues should be mitigated.
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