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Please assist, am installing GrandManor top of the line, Certainteed shingles by hand & must know of proper nail to use, length can vary by 1/14' to 1 1/2' reccomendation???  and whether it should be double dipped ???  box should say non-corrosive.onit but what I[ve ome ac. most brands we have come across say electromagnetic, unless one purchases the double dipped  from Maze ??  ... what advice can you give and exactly WHAT SIZE NAIL should be used on three (3) applications, shingles, hips and ridges and Caps on top of new Ridge shingle vent well at the shingle itself .... PLEASE ASSIST   ..... THANK YOU ! need to have nails IMMED...

You want the nails to reach the wood and go through the wood and come out on the other side. Anything longer would be a waste but wouldn't hurt. Anything shorter and the wood wouldn't be holding the nail. If you're doing ridge shingles then you're going through multiple layers and need longer nails. As soon as you use a nail you can feel when it hits the wood. I don't know what you meant by 1/14' shingles and the mark you used is for feet and not inches. I guess you mean 1-1/4". If they are think shingles I'd use a minimum of 1-1/2".

As far as the coating on the nails, I never heard of anyone worrying about that and never paid attention to the coatings. For shingles you would use a "roofing nail" and all roofing nails are coated since they know they are going to be used on a roof. I would think they're all equivalent in quality unless you go to copper nails.



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