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Roofing/Walking safely on steeply pitched metal roof


Hello Todd,
I have a corrugated metal roof on my house with a very steep pitch - maybe close to 45 degrees. The numerous trees overhead are depositing large amounts of debris in several valleys on the roof, which I suspect is interfering with water runoff and leading to leaks in the adjacent attic areas. I tried to climb up on the roof to sweep out these valleys, but the pitch is so steep I felt like I was going to fall off and kill myself. Are there any techniques I might consider in safely cleaning out these valleys so that I can re-access my  water leak?
Thank you.

I am sorry to hear about this and, depending upon exactly how the valley was flashed, this could indeed be contributing to leaks.

I am not sure that I have any real good ideas for you.  Sky hooks?  :-)  Sometimes folks will hire roofing contractors to do this work.

My other thoughts would be something long-handled, of course ... or you might wait until the debris is very dry and use a high-powder leaf blower to dislodge and move it.

I am sorry ... no better ideas.

Be careful and good luck.


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