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I asked you a question sometime ago re subject and have been dithering.  Some people tell me zinc strips only last about a year while galvanized flashing has a longer life-how much longer ?  Copper is also in the running as you previously advised but you also wrote "if I were to choose this method." I was not sure what you meant by that statement? In any case, while I read that copper wire is an excellent "moss killer/retardant", I have not been able to learn how long such an application of wires will last.  I dislike walking on my concrete roof as I am not as light as I used to be and worry about cracking my tiles so would like to minimize any damage I might cause.

Hi John

Concrete and copper my not be so good, you may get a reaction between the two electrolyses.
with cement tile it is hard two keep the moss off. My best advice is two have it cleaned
every 4-5 years I am sure this is a very common problem in your area, I am also sure you must
have a roofing contractor that specializes in this area of cleaning.

If it were me I would call a few roofing contractors to find out what it would cost.
Or call a Local roofing supply company and see if there is a spray you could apply to slow the growth and kill the moss.

Good Luck
I Hope this help  

Thank You
Tom Souza


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