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Roofing/Lead vs Rubber Vent Boots



Had my roof reshingled.  The original agreement was for lead one-piece boots on the vent pipes.  However, the crew "forgot" and used the black rubber-like boots.  Now the roofer tells me he will damage the seal of the new shingles if he removes the incorrect rubber boots and goes with the originally agree-osn lead boots?  Your thoughts, recommendations?  Many thanks for the info!


Hi Bob

I am Thinking you are talking about the pipe flashing ???
It sounds like you are talking about an ode flashing with a rubber connection to the plumbing pipe.
from my experience I stopped using them do to the fact they break down faster with the sun and heat.
I am in California we use a full aluminum or galvanized flashing that slides over the pipe. Then we add a rubber storm collar on it. I do not know what kind of roof they applied.
Mostly lead flashing are used on tile roofs.
If this was here I would have them change it.
I am not familiar with your building codes, You might want to call your city building department and ask them what one works better in your area.

Good Luck
Hope all works out

Tom Souza  


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