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Hello John!

I am at a deadline to choose a new roof.  I have asphalt shingles and want to go "permanent", so I'm looking at aluminium and galvanized steel, in particular, the companies Interlock and Kasselwood.  

I wish there was an easy way to choose but whichever salesman I speak to last is the roof that I think I want!

I live on the south shore near Montreal so we do get some cold-cold days as well as hot-hot!  I have a fair amount of wind coming from the back of my house (which is just as simple bungalow).  

Do you know anything about these companies?
Kasselwood says their guarantee is transferable *twice* - they write "50 years" by hand on the contract whereas the paper from the head office says 40 years.  The Aluminum company is guaranteed "for life" (as long as I am living there) or cut down to a total of 50 years if I sell it (transferable once and that is charged, and then installation is no longer included).

Would the steel ever rust?
Can the protective coating be damaged on the steel so that rust could happen?  Is it possible that their "special way of cutting it" really doesn't leave the edges open to rust?   
Is the thinness of the aluminum making it less resistant to hail or walking on it?

The difference in prices (after lots of "bringing it down") is negligible...

Please help me decide!  :)

With much appreciation,

-- Suzanne =-}


Thank you for contacting me on this question.
I have working in the building industry for 20 years and exclusively in metal roofing for the last 11 years so my insight should help a bit.

Metal roofing by far is superior in longevity to other roofing products.
Both of these companies offer a steel shingle metal roofing system which I would think is what you are looking for.

The paint systems are both similar in that they are a high grade Fluropon paint system which is the better paint system of the industry.

In the area of substrate the aluminum will out last a galvanized steel substrate hands down.
Galvanized products will begin to break down when exposed to the elements.
If the panels are scratched during production or installation the exposed galvanized will begin to white rust and eventually red rust over a period of time.
Aluminum itself has the least amount of worry when exposed to the elements.

If either of these products are going to be installed on a solid surface the strength of both will be virtually the same.  It is only when a metal roof is installed on open purlins or wood strips that the snow load factor will be in question.

Either way you go the roofing product is only half of the matter when replacing the roof.  It is very important that the installation of the product is done by the manufacturers recommendations.

Always make certain to get a written warranty on not only the product but also on the installation.  A typical installer will offer a workmanship warranty for the first 1 to 2 years. Keep all of the receipts for the roofing they will be needed if ever a warranty issue arises.

I hope this has helped answer some of the questions that you have.  Have a great day!


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