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Dear Brad,

I am at a deadline to choose a new roof.  I have asphalt shingles and want to go "permanent", so I'm looking at aluminium and galvanized steel, in particular, the companies Interlock and Kasselwood.  

I wish there was an easy way to choose but whichever salesman I speak to last is the roof that I think I want!

I live on the south shore near Montreal so we do get some cold-cold days as well as hot-hot!  I have a fair amount of wind coming from the back of my house (which is just as simple bungalow).  

Do you know anything about these companies?
Kasselwood says their guarantee is transferable *twice* - they write "50 years" by hand on the contract whereas the paper from the head office says 40 years.  The Aluminum company is guaranteed "for life" (as long as I am living there) or cut down to a total of 50 years if I sell it (transferable once and that is charged, and then installation is no longer included).

Would the steel ever rust?
Can the protective coating be damaged on the steel so that rust could happen?  Is it possible that their "special way of cutting it" really doesn't leave the edges open to rust?   
Is the thinness of the aluminum making it less resistant to hail or walking on it?

The difference in prices (after lots of "bringing it down") is negligible...

Please help me decide!  :)

With much appreciation,

-- Suzanne =-}

I am not familiar with these products.
Galvanized steel will eventually rust. Yes, if you cut the metal you are exposing the bare metal underneath the coating. What about simple scratches during installation?
Guarantees can be very misleading. First, the company has to stay in business. Once they go out the guarantee is null and void. Many roofing guarantees have so many restrictions that the guarantee might not apply to you. For instance, there are shingle guarantees that say in the fine print that it only applies to single homes and not attached homes. Why do the shingles go bad simply because you have another house attached to yours?


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