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QUESTION: Hi, my question we are getting new fascia board, the roofer wants to put it on all with one big piece and   paint it before he installs it and then put it on right away, should fascia board be painted after it is installed or before? Thanks

ANSWER: Makes no difference really.

But- the facia boards will need to be fastened to the rafters, that means there will be un painted nails and unfilled nail holes; does he plan to do touch up after the painted facia boards are installed?

If he answers yes then I see no problem with this plan. It's harder to paint the facia board when it's in place then it is to do it on a sawhorse on the ground.

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QUESTION: Hi, thanks so much, I think he will touch it up after but how long should he wait for the paint to dry before he installs it, he wants to put it right on after he paints it.

That all depends on the paint, the paint should be tack-free before it's handled otherwise the finish will smudge. But maybe not, maybe he puts it on wet I have no idea, these are questions that are best directed at your contractor.

But if he does this for a living chances are he's going to wait until the paint is dry enough to be handled effectively, after all, he wants to be paid when he's done.

Just make sure that he primes and paints his end cuts and fills and seals all nail holes and you'll be fine.


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