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QUESTION: "Hi, my question we are getting new fascia board, the roofer wants to put it on all with one big piece and   paint it before he installs it and then put it on right away, should fascia board be painted after it is installed or before? Thanks"

ANSWER: Elena,

It is common practice to prepaint the fascia before installation. The contractor should prime and paint and allow them to dry prior to installation.  Cut ends should be primed prior to installation and then touch up paint where needed for marks and scuffs.  Be sure to check their quality, roofers typically are not carpenters or painters.


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QUESTION: Hi, I have one more question please. When the roofer took off the fascia it was all rotted and there also was a leak that damaged the wood under the shingles so he had to put some new wood and shingles on, the thing is it started to rain after he took off the old shingles. He wanted to continue with the work and use a blower to dry everything off. We said no we would feel better if he waited until everything dried before he finished the work. He is a old man and we didn't want to cause him trouble but we didn't feel comfortable letting him work in the rain. Would it be ok if he did work on a wet roof? For now he just put some temporary paper over the hole until it dries. When he comes back should we ask him to use the blower to be sure everything under the paper is dry?

A little moisture trapped in the form of dampness is not ideal, but given the nature of a shingle roof, would be expected to dry sufficiently quick enough to prevent the start of deterioration or mold.  Bulk water should be removed and allowed to dry.  First hand experience with shingle roofs that were installed during rainy periods have resulted in premature deterioration of the fasteners, causing perfectly good shingles to release from the roof after 10-15 years of service.  I would not permit roofing in the rain.



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