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With reference to the following details for my proposed roof plan  attached, can assist me with sketching and computing the following below for my roof.

Drawn to a scale 1/8"=1' and with an overhang of 3'can you assist me with sketching a hip roof for a 4/12 slope or a 1/6 pitch and computing the following:
1. common rafter length
2. hip rafter length
3. jack rafter length
4. number of galvanize sheets
5. also how much labor and how much/type materials would be required
Any additional info required please let me know

You have a lot of questions that unfortunately will have answers that are totally dependant on your location and products that are available.   the labor rate is also relative to local conditions.  there aren't standards for metal sheets so hopefully the following information will be helpful.   with a 4:12 roof slope, the length of the rafters will be 17'-11".   For a full hip roof, commonly the roof sheets are ordered in the one length and the cuts from the main run will be used to fill in the ends of the hip roof.

You will need just under 1800 square feet of roofing.   I also think you will need 20' of ridge flashing, 100' of hip and 170' of drip edge or eave.   Again, not knowing the local product availability, I can not do much better than that.

Good luck with your project!



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