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Hello Bruce.. recently completed a roof repair on a low slope porch roof that ens on top of a double wide.  I added new asphalt shingles to a 10x10 section of the lower right corner of the porch roof and ended up with two seams.  I've ended up with a slight gap where the old and new roof meet along the top of the repair the other along the right hand side.  The existing shingles are stapled to the roof and old and brittle.  I'm looking for suggestions and ideas to end up with a waterproof seam between the new and old shingles.  I'm using roofing cement and fabric over the seams as a temporary fix, but don't expect this will be 100% water proof.  I have thought of attempting to put flashing under the older shingles and over the new shingles.  Anyway, any advice/ideas are appreciated.  Thanks, Frank


The fasteners in the last underlying course of existing shingles must be removed at the high side of your repair interface and the existing shingles on the side left side of your tie in have to be removed to the nearest butt joint, removing fasteners from overlying shingles as required to remove lower ones.  This area should look a little 'toothed' when you are done with the prep.

Install your new underlayment to tuck under the existing by 4" on the high side and on the left 12" if you can get it.  Your underlayment starts at the bottom.

Start your shingles at the bottom and butt a full shingle to the existing and match the shingle exposure of the existing.  New shingles at the upper courses of your repair area should tuck under and have the appropriate butt joint offsets if you have stayed true to the original pattern of the existing roof.  Don't forget to renail the first two courses of existing shingles at the high side of your repair once the last course of new shingles is tucked under everything!


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