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We have a project that has steel trusses and has a 1-1/2" deep structural steel deck diaphragm installed over the steel trusses. (Structural steel  deck is a B type steel deck  with flutes and groves and had to be installed for  seismic  reasons)  We want to install a standing seam roof over  the structural deck.  The  attic under the steel deck  is  a cold attic.  Our insulation is at the  bottom of the  steel  trusses.  Our questions are: Do we need a membrane (ice  and  water shield) under the standing seam?  Is there  a code requirement to  install a membrane under  the  roofing?  It  would be difficult to install the membrane with the flutes of  the structural deck?  Can we  just  install the standing seam directly over the structural deck?  Would there be the possibility of  condensation in the grooves of the structural deck?  The grooves of the structural deck run perpendicular  to the slope of  the roof (3:12 slope).  We just need an expert opinion on the  best installation  for installing standing seam over the structural metal deck.  Hope  you can help.
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Although i have install both structural steel roofing and standing seam metal roofing i have not installed the standing seam over the structural steel roofing. I would check with the manufacture and the local building inspectors to ensure this is a possibility. I know typically the structural is designed more for a flat roof and the standing seam only be used on a sloped roof.

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