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QUESTION: My problem: To re-roof a 1952 corrugated metal, steel rib, Quonset Hut building.
Have located the same galvanized metal panels but not able to get, confidence with other materials that I would like to used to re-roof the building.

Need recommendation: More modern materials than the Celetex used as decking/insulation material and Standard 2x4 lumber which supports between steel ribs.

Request: A recommendation on today's (better) roofing materials and a source of supply. Or a reference to someone who is well versed and experience with roof construction of this type.

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ANSWER: I need to know if this is a curved roof Quonest building or a pitched roof.  Please let me know so I can respond accordingly.

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QUESTION: In reference to Mr. Dazey's inquiry; the Quonset Hut building has both a pitch roof for 12 feet on either side of the roof ridge and is curve for 21.5 feet to the foundation. My best guess is, the Radius of the curve portion of the building is approximately 20 or 24 feet.  Building size is 40' x 80' with the over the top dimension of 67 feet, foundation to foundation. The horizontal 2x4s rows are spaced on 2' centers and vertical double steel ribs are 4' OC. Hope this is the information that was requested.

Hopefully you can suggest:
1) a material other than Celetex originally used as decking/insulation
2) weather or not one should used treated 2x4s and stainless steel screws to attached the corrugated metal and decking/insulation to the ribs and
3) will treated lumber severely warp over time and cause other problems.

Thanks again for your assistance.

As far as insulation, you should use a fiberglass blanket insulation with a vinyl backing for a vapor barrier.  If the new roofing material is a galvalumn product or galvanized, you definitely do not want to use pressure treated materiel of any kind where it comes in contact with the metal panels.  The chemicals in the treated lumber will eat through the metal in a short period of time.

If you are looking for replacement panels there are a multitude of suppliers out there for your use.  MBCI ( or Metal Sales, McElroy Metals and probably some local roll formers in your area.  Be cautious when replacing any of the curved panels.  In most cases those original panels were curved at the factory and it will be hard to duplicate them today.

Hope this helps.  


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