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I hope you can help me out. I have the same problem as this person.  Basically, My insurance has advised me that my roof is destroyed do to defective duratiles.  They will not pay to replace my roof which is full of cracked  tiles.  We are in the monsoon season.  If it rains and water leaks in, they won't cover that because I have a "defective" roof.  Any directions?  Do you have noncontact info on the person who inquired 2-3 years ago?  Thank You for any help you can extend.   Dean

I don't remember a case from 2-3 years ago but here is what insurance pays for. They pay for incidents that happen in life. If your car is good today and it hits a pole then that is an incident and insurance pays for your car. If your engine wears away you can't go to Allstate and ask for a new engine or a new car. If you car is defective and something breaks, again, you can't go to Allstate. You have to take that issue up with the manufacturer of the car.

So, along those lines, if your roof is good today and a tree falls on it then that's an incident. If there is something wrong with the roof (defective) your insurance company is not going to pay because you bought a bad product. You could have bought any product but you made a decision to buy this product. It's a decision that you have to take the blame on.

If it was an act of nature then insurance would pay for it. If it was an act by a company then the company is liable.

That said, I don't know that you actually have a defective roof. But if you have many tiles broken then something is going on with the house or tiles and someone other than nature is responsible unless you can show how nature might have done it like a tree falling and breaking many tiles.



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