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Roofing/metal roof in cold climate unheated building


I have an unheated shed in a cold northern climate. It has a low slope, 2:12, and was designed structurally to carry a heavy snow load. It's a simple, single ridge, gable roof with no valleys.

I would like to install a metal roof over a plywood deck, but was unsure what layers of material to use  between the roof decking material and the metal roofing. I had a cold weather condensation problem years ago on a similar building in which metal roofing was installed directly over wood purlins.

I have two questions.

1. What would be the best type of metal roofing to use on this low slope roof?
2. What layers of material should I use between the plywood roof deck and the metal roofing panels?

Thank you.

You say this is an unheated building but you have condensation on the inside on a previous structure.

In regards to the type of metal roof it would have to applicable for the low slope and take hydrostatic pressure.

I suggest you install a self-adhesive vapor retarder on the plywood deck and then rigid insulation such as a XPS polystyrene (RoofMate) before you install the metal roof.
The metal roof would be installed over sub-girts that would be installed over the vapor retarder before the insulation is installed.

Check out:
You may find what you need there in regards to metal roof type and methodology of construction.  


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