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Roofing/Does a metal roof require wider gutters?


Hello Leon,

I have just signed a contract to have a new metal roof applied over my existing shingle roof.  The job is supposed to begin in about 2 weeks.  I currently have 4 inch gutters with gutter guards on them, but the roofing contractor I just hired informed me that a metal roof would create such a gush of water during a downpour that my 4 inch gutters would overflow, and that I needed to install 6 inch gutters to handle the runoff.  My current gutters are less than 5 years old and still look brand new, and I have done some checking and the 6 inch gutters are pretty expensive.  

In your experience, is it really necessary to have larger gutters with a metal roof?  It does make sense to me that it would, but I'd still like to hear it from another source.  And one more question, with the larger gutters, are gutter guards necessary?  The roofing contractor told me they weren't, and that the volume of water running off the roof would keep leaves and other debris flushed out.  What is your opinion?  


Any size gutter will overflow at sometime during a heavy downpour.  Larger gutters are no guarantee of stoping this.  I would not change the gutters.  A metal roof will not produce any more water run off than a shingle roof, Mother Nature does that by the intensity of the storm.  As for your gutter guards.  If you have lots of foliage and trees around your house the leaves will plug up your gutters so your gutter guards will help.  Larger gutters will not stop the debris from clogging the downspout openings since they are basically the same size for 4" or 6" gutters.  Large amounts of water will not dislodge debris at the downspout openings in the gutter.  Hope that helps.


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