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QUESTION: We have a rental property 2 1/2 hours away from where we live. The rental has a house and house garage with matching Owens Corning dimensional driftwood shingles. There is also a third building which is a large shop. We got three estimates for the shop stipulating we wanted the dimensional shingles in a color matching the house. The contractor roofed the shop without contacting us first.  We paid 80% and then drove to see the wwork.  When we arrived we saw the new shop roof had been done in Certainteed Landmark burnt sienna shingles. The roofs do not match at all.  I have called the roofer, he drove by our property, and admitted he used the wrong shingle and apologized. What is the best way to resolve this?  The roofer asked if I want a new roof. I feel I have a good roof but the color is very wrong and I am not happy.

ANSWER: Many mistakes made here on both sides.
How can you pay anything without seeing it? What if he did nothing at all and tried to get your money? What if he roofed the wrong house? What if he used the wrong shingles?

You could have asked for pictures being so far away. You could have asked a neighbor to be liaison.

How can roofer work at all without knowing what color it is supposed to be? Colors and designs vary widely in shingles. How can he do the roof and it not click in his head that a match of the house might look good? Did he have extra shingles he was trying to push off on you?

If he gives you a new roof will he just shingle over the shingles that he just did or rip it all off and start over? If he shingles over other shingles the property is worth less than if he rips it all off.

At this point what to do. He offered you a new roof. If you get a new roof he'll be unhappy but you'll be happy.

If he gives you your money back and charges you nothing for the roof you'll be happy. If you pay him the 20% he'll be happy. There will be some middle ground that you're both happy. There is no good answer. Something is only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it. You might think the Mona Lisa is worth $1,000,000 and someone else thinks it's worth $10,000,000. I think it's worth $10. No one is right. You two have to decide what it's worth to both of you. How badly do you want it to match and at what cost? How badly does he want to give up and walk away with the money he's got or by giving back some and get it over with. If he reshingles it for the other 20% he's basically doing a roof for 20% and he certainly doesn't want to do that so he'd rather make a settlement.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: We did ask for pictures but hadn't received them before we headed to the house. So two questions:
Is there any way to paint the roof and make it match?
How do you feel about the quality of the Owen Corning dimensional 30yr shingle versus the 40yr Certainteed Landmark shingle?

Just a gut feeling but Certainteed has been in the roofing business longer. I never actually worked with Ownes Corning so I can't tell you much about it.
The main difference is that a 30 year shingle last 30 years and a 40 year shingle lasts 33% longer.



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