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hi..just need to ask a couple of questions.  first, when a cool roof is installed, is the old roof first taken down?  second, if a cool roof is put over an old roof, how do you know the old roof is not rotting someplace in it? what is the usual procedure for installing a cool roof?  thanks you very much!!

A cool roof is not a type of roof. It is a temperature. You can lower the temperature of a roof in many ways. It can be a reflective coating on top of what you have. It can be a new roof that has a light color. If a roof has to be torn off has nothing to do with its color but what condition the old roof is in - will it be able to attach to it.

If a "cool" roof is put over a new roof the old roof can't rot as it would have to get wet to do that. It can't get wet if there are no holes or leaks in the new roof unless you're referring to condensation.



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