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I am having my roofs tore off and new shingles added. While tearing it off the one guy hit the garage many times with the shingles and actually put a tiny cut from a metal piece. There is tar markers all over (maybe 12).   I asked if they would clean it and they said yes. But when I looked the vinyl siding had large grease stains on top of the black tar stains.  Our main guy said the other guy sprayed w40 straight on before he got there.  So we said that guy couldn't come back and  just put the roofs on the two structures that were tore off and go over the shingles on the house (there is only one layer). Instead most of today the guy tried to clean the garage which is looking even worse - his cleaning looks like a stain but you can still see the over guys cleaning on top of the tar.   He said he will look for cleaning stuff and may power wash. I am not sure what to do.  We are two woman. I want him to first put the roofs down and stop with the siding for now but maybe I should call in someone else. Any ideas. Do you think the garage vinyl can be cleaned?  Thanks so much - sorry to be so wordy.

There are two possibilities.
1. He deposited tar marks from the shingles on the siding. That means there is tar ON TOP OF the siding.
2. He scratched into the siding.

If the tar is on top you might be able to get it off clean. If the siding is scratched underneath then you probably can't get that back to original. He might have damaged the siding with WD40

They have special cleaners and any real roofer would know that. He needs to go to a roofing supply and buy orange cleaner. It's a citric base stuff that smells like oranges. You spray it on, wait a few minutes and then hose it off. If the marks are thick they might have to rub the chemical in before hosing it off. Sometimes you have to do it several times to get it all off.

If it still looks bad then roofer has a problem and he might have to replace the siding. He should have protected the wall with tarps and/or plywood.

They should concentrate on the roof for now. You don't spend a day cleaning since you are at risk of rain with no roof on.



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