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Roofing/Tar on shingles continue


Brad I took your advise and just ask him to work on putting the roof on. He did get the garage roof on - it looks nice and it is ashame that the siding looks totally ruin but I hope I am wrong. He did say he may have to paint the siding cause he can't clean it due to ionization. Of course I will never want painted vinyl - attaching a photo. Do you have any additional thought?  If not I understand and appreciate your help thus far. Thanks again.

It's going to be a tough one. I don't think painted siding will look good. Will the paint even stick long term or will it stick only long enough for the check to clear. You can ask a paint store or even the manufacturer of siding if you can paint vinyl siding. Before doing that I'd try to power wash it. Then you can try pint. If you're not happy with that the only other thing is new siding. It's something you'll have to bargain with him over.



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